Changes are Life

The website is quite barren at this time because my vision with Trygg Global Expansion has developed. Funny thing this, how new ideas start pouring into your life once you truly set a “C-type Goal”! I will be making the following changes:

The website will be moved to another platform.
  • I need the ability to set up special membership sites within the webpage with access depending on what you are actively involved in.
  • If you are studying Thinking Into Results with me for instance, you should, of course, have access to an area of the site available only to you and other students to acsess certain resources, share wins and discussions.
  • I will be offering my own web-courses next year and I have been looking for a good platform.
Change of language

I’ll be using English as the main language on the site and in my web-courses. (Swedish and “Global Expansion” does not quite fit with one another. )

Focus on Thinking Into Results

The power of the program Thinking Into Results keep astonishing me, and I will focus my attention on bringing this awakening power-program to as many as possible. This is, by far, the most clarifying and effective program I have come in contact with, and I have tested quite a lot.

Here’s a short video from Bob Proctor on Thinking Into Results.


Go for it. Download a brochure.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, and you might even feel like scheduling a time for a call in my calendar.